Payday Loans for holiday homes

Many people want a free space where they can go on holiday and weekends. For many, the cottage is a nearby choice, where you can both live under comfortable conditions and at the same time get away from it everyday life. You can of course also choose to rent your holiday home. If you only want to stay in a holiday home for a few weeks a year, it doesn’t pay to buy – Then you can just as well rent a holiday home. Visit for a summary

Renting a cottage also offers the opportunity to experience different places in Denmark and abroad. If you first bought a holiday home, you are locked into this. However, there are some summer homeowners who change holiday homes with others – So you can experience other areas than your own a few weeks a year.

When you buy your own cottage it is of course also possible to get a part of the rent by renting out the cottage. You can do this either through a holiday home agency or you can rent it out privately. However, you have to pay tax on the income from the rental of the cottage. On the other hand, you get a deduction for interest expenses from your payday loan to the cottage.

This is how summer home purchases can be financed

This is how summer home purchases can be financed

Buying a cottage is almost like buying a regular full-time house. You can borrow part of the house with a mortgage payday loan, and the rest you have to finance either by bank payday loan or by your own funds. However, there is a small difference between payday loans for holiday homes, and payday loans for year-round housing: You can only borrow up to 60% for the holiday home – Where an ordinary house can be payday loaned up to 80%. Therefore, it is a really good idea to pay part of the holiday home with your own funds – Because otherwise you risk getting quite expensive bank payday loans on a large part of the purchase price.

The normal thing is that one finances the first 60% with mortgage payday loans, and the next 15-30% is financed with a regular bank payday loan – Finally one should pay some of the payment to the cottage. The fact that you have a larger part of the purchase sum financed by bank payday loans when you take a payday loan to a cottage means that you get higher housing costs than at a full-time house for the same price.

Payday loan for cottage on rented plot

Some holiday homes are located on rented grounds. It is typically on a long-term rental, so you are sure to have a reason far in the future. If you want to buy a holiday home on a rented property, you must be aware that you can only get a payday loan for a cottage for the house itself – You have to finance the rent for yourself. If you are considering buying a holiday home on a rented basis, it is also always a good idea to involve a lawyer in the purchase.

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