Have you been insolvent and are now applying for a payday loan? No problem

It is difficult to obtain financial credit at present. Especially those who have not been so fortunate, or have been lit up by either the executor or the insolvency administrator, knows about it. It is in the latter case, that is, after insolvency, that people do not have it at all. Such a person is seen as a completely unreliable one who cannot meet his financial obligations. Such people have doors closed in all financial institutions. Almost in all. One door for them now opened in our company. Let’s describe the details of such a payday loan and for whom it is intended.

New: Loan After Insolvency

Insolvency can happen to everyone

Insolvency, although more often associated with the corporate environment, is also a question for many ordinary people. You can most often get into it by declaring personal bankruptcy . In simplicity, it is a long-term debt relief.

If you want to declare a personal bankruptcy, you must meet three conditions. The main thing is that you owe more creditors that you are unable to repay your obligations, but at the same time you have sufficient income to pay at least 30% of your debts over the next five years. During this time you can never borrow and you will practically have no money for any pastime. On the other hand, after a five-year period, you will be discharged and you can start with a clean shield.

Other practice than theory

So it should be. Unfortunately, even after the insolvency is over, you will not be out of the worst. Still in the future, a sticker of someone who was once insolvent will be with you. This means that you will still be seen as someone unreliable. Even then you will not be able to borrow everywhere. However, a few days ago, our company launched a novelty – a payday loan after insolvency.

Even after the insolvency you borrow!

So even if you have insolvency proceedings, you can borrow from our company! The maximum amount of such a payday loan is CZK 50,000 . You get it without a pledge, without giving reasons, without a guarantor or without the other. In addition, the payday loan is free of charge. Employees as well as pensioners, entrepreneurs or even renters can apply for it. In short, everyone with financial problems.

If you are, after a properly completed insolvency, you are finally able to return to normal life quickly. And even insolvency sometimes in the past will not stop you!

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